Motiv Engines Unveils New Efficient Engine Design

| USA, New York NY

Motiv Engines LLC MkII Clarke-Brayton EngineMotiv Engines, LLC has unveiled its second generation engine, a concept dubbed ‘MkII Clarke-Brayton Engine’,  for heavy-duty on-highway vehicles fueled by liquefied natural gas (LNG). This new prototype is fueled by diesel, an important first step in proving the technology before developing a new LNG fuel system.

“We have taken what we learned from our first engine and applied it to the new design,” said Ed O’Malley, Motiv’s CEO. “This is a major step toward our goal of building the most efficient engine in the world for trucks, automobiles and power generation. The improvement in efficiency and the use of natural gas makes this engine a natural fit to meet the upcoming greenhouse gas emissions regulations while reducing costs for operators.”

The MkII Clarke-Brayton Engine is expected to be up to twice as efficient as a conventional automobile engine and up to 20% more efficient than modern diesel engines. It achieves this by splitting the processes of an engine into three separate optimized spaces rather than performing all the operations in a single compromised space. This allows it to implement a fundamentally more efficient cycle, achieve an extremely high 56:1 compression ratio, and lose much less of its energy to heat than a conventional engine.

The technology for the MkII Clarke-Brayton Engine originated at Caterpillar, Inc. where it was invented by John Clarke, now the Chief Scientist at Motiv Engines. Motiv has greatly advanced the technology from basic concept through the construction and testing of the first prototype to the completion of MkII today.

(Source: Motiv)

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