More than 500 CNG and LNG Vehicles for France’s Jacky Perrenot

| Italy: Turin and France: Paris

IVECO NaturalPower rangeFrench transportation and logistics company Perrenot Group has acquired six IVECO Stralis X-WAY NP, signing the deal at Intermat Paris in late April. Perrenot is seeking to replace diesel with industry-leading natural gas technology for its construction logistics fleet. This agreement comes on the back of the order for 250 Stralis NP the logistics operator placed during the Solutrans show in November 2017.

The purchase agreement is for ​​​​​​​​​​one 460 hp tractor unit and five 400 hp 8x2x6 rigid trucks. The new Stralis X-WAY NP is the natural gas powered version of IVECO’s new range developed for construction logistics, designed for the ongoing infrastructural projects in many European cities, and especially in urban areas with increasingly stringent restrictions on pollutant and noise emissions.

IVECO announced the signature of an agreement with Jacky Perrenot Transport for the supply of 5 Stralis X-WAY NP 8x2x6 trucks, combined with a CIFA electric mixer, and the very first order of the Stralis X-WAY NP 4×2 tractor.

The Stralis X-WAY NP 8x2x6 CNG was first exhibited to the public at the Solutrans show in combination with a CIFA electric mixer. Jacky Perrenot Transport tested it in its operations in Lyon for 4 months and more than 5000 km. Fully satisfied with its performance, they made the decision to place the order. The first unit, running on biomethane and powered by a 330 hp Cursor 8 CNG engine, demonstrated its ability to achieve a 10% lower fuel consumption while reducing PM, NO2 and CO2 emissions by 95% compared to its Euro VI diesel equivalent, all this with zero compromise on payload, as it can carry up to 8m3 of concrete – a capacity in line with the very best diesel chassis. The silent natural gas engine (-71 dB Piek Quiet Truck certified) and the autonomous electric mode of the CIFA concrete mixer make it possible to operate 24/7 without disturbing the neighborhoods. The truck’s autonomy exceeds the project target of 150 km by up to 100 km.

A complete new generation of rigid CNG trucks

The second generation of Jacky Perrenot Transport’s bio CNG concrete mixer will be built on the new Stralis NP rigid range powered by the 400 hp – 1700 Nm Cursor 9 NP engine, coupled with a 12-speed automated gearbox. Like the diesel version of the Stralis X-WAY, the chassis has a reinforced 7.7mm frame while the CNG tanks now come in 2 extra capacities of 846 and 1,052 litres. The higher torque delivered by the Cursor 9 engine makes it possible to use a hydraulic system to drive the mixer as an alternative to the electric one. The 12-speed automated gearbox ensures more comfort and safety for the drivers in urban missions while contributing to the best possible fuel economy.

Pierre Lahutte, IVECO Brand President, stated: “We are proud that Jacky Perrenot Transport has once again shown its confidence in our brand and our natural gas technology by choosing IVECO as their partner in developing their sustainable fleet for their construction activities. The Stralis X-WAY NP powered by our advanced natural gas technology is the ideal solution for the many ongoing large infrastructure projects in cities across Europe, such as the Grand Paris project here in France: with its low polluting and noise emissions, it can access city centres and large densely populated areas with the strictest traffic restrictions and operate round the clock. When fueled with biomethane [renewable natural gas] it is also the most efficient tool to ensure CO2-free transport here and now. The energy transition is happening, as cities address the issue of air quality and greenhouse gas emissions, and IVECO is at the forefront of it with our full offering of natural gas vehicles.”

Intermat Paris 2018 - IVECO Stralis X-WAY NP CIFA _Transport Jacky PerrenotPhilippe Givone, CEO of Jacky Perrenot Transport, said: “When we started our natural gas history in early 2012 with the order of our first 3 IVECO CNG trucks, we could not have expected that 6 years later we would have ordered more than 500 IVECO CNG and LNG units or that we might also use them for our construction business! Today we have made a further step forward in our energy transition – one more step towards achieving our objective of 1000 natural gas powered units in our fleet by 2020. This is the result of our pioneering spirit and this is what links all our activities, from dairy product haulage to concrete transport. IVECO’s reliable and efficient natural gas technology is the other asset that has made this success story possible. I have no doubt that today we will start writing together a new exciting page in the construction logistics business and that many other transport operators will follow in our footsteps – and this for an excellent reason: investing in CNG and LNG trucks simply makes a logistics operator’s business safer.”

The new range is the result of IVECO’s product development strategy, which aims to provide its customers with vehicles that enable them to be more sustainable, for both the environment and their bottom line, while ensuring the best working environment for the drivers. They ensure their customers can work during pollution peaks, access city centres at all times today and tomorrow, when many European capitals will enforce diesel bans. IVECO is the only manufacturer that offers a full range of natural gas models, from light commercial vehicles to heavy-duty trucks up to 50t GCW, as well as buses. Its relentless focus on innovation and new technologies has placed the brand in the lead of the European market for alternative fuel vehicles with the biggest market share. There is currently a running park of more than 25,000 IVECO alternative traction vehicles, which include 6,000 dedicated to public transport and over 6,000 heavy-duty trucks above 18t GVW.

Stralis X-WAY NP 460 hp tractor: the industry-leading natural gas technology at the service of the construction industry

The new Stralis X-WAY NP is the natural gas powered model in IVECO’s completely new range specifically developed for vocational and construction logistics missions, which provides the PERFECT CROSSING for on-road applications requiring off-road mobility. Available with CNG or LNG tanks, the Stralis X-WAY NP tractor features the best IVECO fuel efficiency and on-road technologies, including the HI-Cruise predictive drive system. Together with the outstanding fuel economy of its Cursor 13 engines and the lower cost of Natural Gas compared to Diesel, it results in best- in-class Total Cost of Ownership. Its modular LNG tank options are design to host all kind of ancillaries such as oil tank or air compressors.

The Stralis X-WAY 8x2x6 CNG 400hp breaks new ground with the exceptionally low kerb weight, which enables it to carry up to 8m3 of concrete. Its 3 steering axles ensure easy access to urban jobsites often situated in narrow roads, less tire consumption, and contribute to the truck’s excellent fuel economy. These features, combined with its 9-ton front axle option and its 12-speed automated gearbox, makes it also ideal for construction material delivery when equipped with platform and crane or for construction equipment transport.

Source: IVECO – an NGV Global Associate Member

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