Mitsubishi Introduces FUSO FE CNG Concept in USA

| USA: Long Beach CA | Source: Agility Fuel Solutions

Mitsubishi Fuso FE CNG Concept USAMitsubishi Fuso Truck of America, Inc. has unveiled its FUSO FE CNG concept truck during the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Long Beach, California. The CNG system on the FE CNG truck, developed by Agility® Fuel Solutions, is certified to the California Air Resources Board’s optional low NOx standard.

This truck represents a working collaboration of both companies, potentially providing a more environmentally friendly work truck option for the United States and Canada. More than 160,000 natural gas vehicles are operating in the U.S. where, according to NGVAmerica, there are over 1,700 natural gas fueling stations. This fueling station network in major metropolitan regions and transportation corridors has increased the ability of medium duty truck operators to use CNG-powered trucks, especially in urban city environments.

Environmental Benefits

Operating CNG-powered trucks provides substantial environmental benefits when compared to more traditional truck powertrains. The FE CNG will experience a 15- to 20-percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and more substantial reductions in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen dioxide (NOx). The CNG system on the FE CNG truck is certified to the California Air Resources Board’s optional low NOx standard. Because CNG engines produce essentially no particulates, the aftertreatment system is a simple three-phase catalyst instead of the complex aftertreatment system found on all newer diesel trucks.

The truck produces no smell or smoke and is actually quieter than a diesel-powered truck, ideal for urban operations.

Agility CNG Fuel System

On the FE GAS truck, Agility is providing a complete end-to-end CNG fuel system, including dual side-mounted CNG storage systems with 30 gasoline gallon equivalent (GGE) capacity, an integrated regulator assembly and a fuel fill panel, and a CARB and EPA-certified low-NOx natural gas fuel system for the GM Powertrain V8 6.0L engine that is standard on all FE GAS trucks. The FE CNG is estimated to have a driving range of 190 miles or more than 300 kms.

The FE GAS has been designed for easy integration into customers’ fleet operations. The CNG fuel system drives the OEM fuel gauge, providing the driver with a familiar fuel level between empty and full, rather than a pressure value. Because the CNG system does not significantly increase the weight of the truck, the overall payload capacity for the FE CNG is not greatly impacted, allowing operators to continue to deliver roughly the same amount of goods compared to other powertrain models.

Cost Advantage

“Using Agility’s experience in CNG will benefit our customers by enabling a reliable, integrated CNG-powered solution for our existing FUSO FE GAS truck models,” said Jasmin Kluge, project manager for alternative fuels project, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America, Inc. “The additional benefit is its total cost-of-ownership advantage: lower fuel cost, less maintenance, less emissions and less noise, making this a win-win for truck fleets’ bottom line and environmental stewardship.”

The FE CNG truck offers fleet operators potential operational savings and an attractive total cost of ownership. CNG fuel offers savings at the pump compared to gasoline and diesel. Further, because of the reduction of emissions control systems and other components, overall maintenance costs will be lower compared to a diesel truck. Scheduled maintenance and service work will be conducted or coordinated at any of the independent FUSO dealerships located across the United States and Canada. This adds a level of confidence to fleet customers wanting to know an established OEM backs their truck purchase.

“CNG is an excellent option for return-to-base and urban delivery fleets, with an attractive total cost of ownership,” said Brad Garner, Agility’s President – Powertrain Systems.

Further tests and market studies are underway to determine the next steps for this product—with a potential CNG aftermarket solution from Agility occurring by 2020.

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