Middelkoop Tests Scania P310 LNG for Fleet Operations

| Netherlands, Breda

Scania P310 LNG storage

After an extensive testing period with Rotra Forwarding in Doesburg, the liquefied natural gas (LNG)-powered Scania P310 truck has started operations as a test fleet vehicle for logistics transportation company D.J. Middelkoop & Zn. Duiven. The Scania P310 is fitted with a double walled tank with a capacity of 145 kg, mounted on the left of the chassis. This provides a range of about 450 km. Optionally, the capacity can be expanded with a 100 kg tank on the right.

Since LNG remains liquid only at very low temperatures, the double-insulated tank, through a perlite layer and a vacuum layer between the tank walls, preserves the low temperature of the fuel as long as possible. The tank is certified by Lloyd’s to the stringent German VDI standards for crash-worthiness and resisting forces to 5G. Behind the tank is a heat exchanger mounted where the LNG liquid is warmed through the cooling system of the engine to about 20 degrees so it can be injected in a gaseous state.

The first results show that LNG truck meets all expectations, both in terms of handling and performance. The extended range provided by LNG makes it more suitable for long-range transportation compared with compressed natural gas (CNG). Widespread deployment will be largely dependent on increased availability of refueling infrastructure in the Netherlands.

(This article compiled using information from a Scania Netherlands BV press release)

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