Mexico City Adds 200 DINA CNG Buses

| Mexico, Mexico City

DINA Linner G CNG bus for CDMXMexico City (Ciudad de Mexico or CDMX) has been taking important steps toward care of the city’s environment through the introduction and support of natural gas as an alternative fuel for transportation. The capital’s government is converting its own fleet to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and this week, the city received 200 DINA CNG buses.

CDMX is determined to modernize its vehicle fleet and is part of C40, a network of the world’s megacities committed to addressing climate change, affirmed the Head of Government, Miguel Angel Mancera Espinosa. He estimates that between eight thousand and nine thousand units of the central administration will be modified for CNG operation. “We can not exceed 150 points IMECA (Metropolitan Index of Air Quality) so this is going to be permanent, it will be constant,” he said.

The Head of Government pointed out to the gathering that for optimal operation of the city CNG fleet, there will be a natural gas refueling station at CETRAM Xochimilco, where there will be seven high flow dispensers capable of refueling 35 vehicles per hour to give a total of 840 vehicles per day.

Mancera was introduced to the new CNG-powered buses that will transit the Izazaga-Tlalpan corridor. He led the ceremony in the company of local authorities and representatives of the DINA brand, during which 200 DINA Linner G CNG buses were handed over. They are equipped with Cummins 8.9 litre six-cylinder compressed natural gas engines that can develop 250 horsepower.

The new buses will meet a daily service demand of 201,191 passengers, replacing about 900 microbuses considered to be technologically obsolete and high polluters.

Sources: CDMX and Autotransporte

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