Mexican Company Introduces Ankai Natural Gas Buses

| Mexico, Monterrey NL

Mexico - Ankai busesA new entrepreneurial company in Mexico is seeking to provide transportation choices that will reduce costs and pollution while improving economy, including those powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). The new venture, EGS Trucks, has been appointed the in-country distributor for the Chinese heavy duty vehicle manufacturer Ankai, which specialises in buses and coaches.

EGS has presented its series of passenger buses to interested parties in Monterrey and expects to obtain up to 5% of the “sustainable” heavy vehicle market in Mexico in the coming years, reports news source Reforma. It is offering a fully integrated service which includes after-sales service; in-situ maintenance (free for first two years); alliances with financial institutions, for the granting of credits for the acquisition of the vehicles, and with distributors of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or Liquefied (LNG).

Natural gas supply infrastructure is currently very limited in Mexico. EGS has also addressed this issue by committing to aiding the development of refueling infrastructure at fleet depots.

Ankai, part of the JAC Group of companies, produces buses with Weichai natural gas engines using Euro 5 and 6 technology. EGS is also the appointed agent for Weichai engines.


Source: Reforma (

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