Mexican City of Morelia Facilitates CNG Conversions

| Mexico, Morelia (Michoacán)

The City of Morelia, the capital of the central Mexican state of Michoacán, is receiving applications from public transport entities interested in participating in a program to convert vehicles from gasoline to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Marco Tulio Campos Vargas, city director of Environment and Sustainability, says the initiative aims to convert 1,400 vehicles between May 2017 and January 2018.

450 pre-registrations of interest were received, although checks for conformity to the rules for compliance have yet to be applied. Vehicle conversions will be carried out by government-approved installer GNVC Gas Natural Comprimido, the successful tenderer for the contract.

6o million pesos (approx. USD 3.2 m) has been allocated as a program budget. Approved applicants will have 75% of the conversion cost subsidised, the balance being for the vehicle owner’s cost.

(Source: Government of Michoacán)

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