Metro Taxi Rolls Out CNG MV-1 Disability Vehicle

| USA, West Haven CT

CNG-powered MV-1 mobility vehicle

Metro Taxi, the State of Connecticut’s largest, full-service taxicab company, has rolled out six new MV-1 mobility vehicles, reports Connecticut Business News Journal. Developed by Miami-based The Vehicle Production Group LLC and produced in Indiana, the compressed natural gas (CNG) powered MV-1 is said to be the world’s first vehicle to be designed from the ground up as a wheelchair-accessible taxi. The Vehicle Production Group also states that MV-1 is the only factory-built light-duty vehicle to date that meets or exceeds the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act.MV-1.

Metro Taxi opened a public access fueling station at its West Haven-based headquarters using a grant for alternative fuel vehicles from the Connecticut Clean Cities Future Fuels Project, where the MV-1s will refuel. The first taxis will enter service on the streets of Greater New Haven, with five more to follow each week for the ensuing 12 weeks.

According to the report,  Metro Taxi expects to gradually replace 110 gasoline-burning cabs with CNG powered taxis as part of its normal replacement cycle, replacing about 05. million gallons of gasoline in 2012.

The MV-1 is the first “purpose-built” vehicle engineered specifically to be an accessible taxi, it has a deployable, integrated side ramp that exceeds ADA guidelines with its 1,200 pound capacity.

The MV-1’s power-train includes a Ford 4.6L V8 engine and a Ford electronic 4-speed transmission. The CNG MV-1 has an estimated 290-mile range.

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