Merged Westport Consolidates Tech Centers

| Canada, Vancouver BC

Westport Fuel Systems Inc. (Westport) has kicked off post-merger actions targeted at consolidating operations and driving efficiencies with the sale of its Michigan Tech Center assets located in Plymouth, Michigan for a total value of over $12 million. Of the total, $11.5 million was received in cash with the remaining to be received as in-kind strategic value including access to test cells, facility space and other supporting equipment.

The Michigan Tech Center has been the centre of excellence for Westport’s enhanced spark ignited (ESI) natural gas engine technology development programs. Westport has negotiated access rights to maintain and even accelerate development programs. The sale does not negatively impact other existing or future development programs and Westport will continue to have access to the test cells as needed.

“With the closing of the Fuel Systems merger, the Company has expanded its global footprint and we have already identified opportunities for synergies and greater operating efficiency,” said Nancy Gougarty, CEO of Westport Fuel Systems. “This sale is just one example. I’d like to emphasize that the sale of the Michigan Tech Center assets does not in any way diminish our Company’s commitment to our OEM customers in Michigan and elsewhere around the world.”

Through the merger (Westport Innovations with Fuel Systems Solutions, Inc.), Westport’s Technical Centre facilities in North America doubled from two locations to four locations, including Plymouth, Michigan; Sterling Heights, Michigan; Kitchener, Ontario; and Vancouver, British Columbia. As part of the ongoing drive for efficiencies within the merged entities, Westport has begun evaluating and implementing consolidation activities.

(Source: Westport Fuel Systems)

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