Meerdink Trucking Happy with Dual-Fuel, Orders More

| USA, Torrance CA

Freightliner dual-fuel glider for MeerdinkBased on the successful implementation of their first foray into natural gas fueled vehicles for interstate and intrastate motor carrier operations, Meerdink Trucking Inc. from Iowa is now ordering a second round of dual-fuel CNG equipped Freightliner Class 8 glider trucks. Baker has selected Quantum’s Q-Lite™ Type 4 CNG tanks in a center back-of-cab configuration.
Meerdink selected Baker Electromotive, Inc. and Landi Renzo USA as partners for the deployment of dual-fuel CNG (DNG) vehicles. “Meerdink has been evaluating the new dual-fuel CNG trucks in their fleet and have achieved optimum fuels savings, driving range, and productivity. We are now ordering our second round of DNG systems from Baker and have plans for additional DNG trucks,” said Scott Meerdink, Meerdink Trucking’s President.

Freightliner dual-fuel glider for Meerdink (2)In addition to a significant reduction in fuel cost, there is an associated reduction of emissions over the life of each truck. This reduction is accomplished in part by Landi Renzo’s EPA certified DNG conversion for the factory remanufactured, pre-EGR, Detroit Diesel Series 60 with the 12.7L engine. These engines now consume less diesel fuel and produce less emissions than the engines did when they originally rolled off the factory floor.

Having a Landi Renzo and Baker DNG product ensures that the Landi Renzo limited 3yr/300k mile warranty and Meerdink’s reputation for reliable, cost-effective customer service remains intact.

Landi Renzo has over 60 years of global experience providing millions of alternative fuel systems to over 50 countries. Today, Landi Renzo USA and Baytech offer one of the broadest CARB & EPA certified NGV product portfolios available on the market, with total turnkey solutions on a variety of product platforms.

(Source: Landi Renzo)

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