McPhy Launches Smart Hydrogen Station Architecture for HD Transports

| France: La Motte-Fanjas | Source: McPhy

McPhy Augmented McFilling Hydrogen StationMcPhy, a specialist in hydrogen production and distribution equipment, used the Hannover Messe (trade fair) last week to launch its new range of hydrogen stations, intended to decarbonize heavy transports and long-distance vehicles.

Pascal Mauberger, McPhy’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, states: “Augmented McFilling by McPhy is a unique design. More than a hydrogen station, it is an intelligent system combining a proprietary, patented architecture with software that makes it dynamically reconfigurable.”

He explained that the combination of shared functions and dynamic reconfiguration of the station’s operating scheme means an infinite number of usage scenarios for customers, adapted to their needs in real time and without capacity limits — 2,000, 4,000, 10,000 kg per day and beyond.

McPhy’s smart supervision software meets the 24/7 needs of heavy duty transports, while optimizing the system’s energy efficiency; as well as investment and operating costs.

“Following the launch of the ‘Augmented McLyzer’ range in 2018, our new generation of ‘Augmented McFilling’ stations allow us to offer a complete range of smart, modular, without capacity limits low-carbon hydrogen production and distribution solutions, already ’fit for purpose’ and ready for the future”, Mauberger added.

‘Augmented McFilling’ is a patented, proprietary hydrogen station architecture that mutualizes compression, storage, cooling and vehicle delivery functions. The station thus autonomously defines its optimal operating scheme and (re)directs the flows, from production to vehicles delivery, compression and storage, to deliver hydrogen at the best cost while ensuring continuity of service and a maximum availability rate.

Bigger scale, lower costs: the scaling-up and industrialization of hydrogen stations will reduce investment and operating costs and democratize hydrogen mobility for all types of transport.

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