MBtech Presents the Natural Gas Hybrid “Reporter” Study to the North American Market


MBTech’s Concept Vehicle – the “Reporter”

MBtech is introducing the hybrid (electric/natural gas) “Reporter” pick-up study to the North American market for the first time, at the SAE World Congress in Detroit this week. The pick-up study was developed and designed as an in-house innovation project and presented at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2010 in Germany and is demonstrated using a 1:4 scale model. The study displays a resource-saving drive system solution for a light commercial vehicle for delivery transport which can be implemented today.

The “Reporter” is driven by a full-hybrid solution known as the “DualX E-Drive”. This drive system is based on a 70 kilowatt electric motor and a compressed natural gas powered 1.2 liter, 75 kilowatt combustion engine. As a result, the pick-up study achieves a calculated maximum speed of 81 mph (130 kph) and has a total range of more than 186 miles (300 kms). In pure electric mode the vehicle has a range of up to 35 miles when measured in accordance with the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC). The electric motor powers the rear axle and the four cylinder combustion engine powers the front wheels. As a result the engines can work completely independently and either alternately or simultaneously. This enables the vehicle to realize an intelligent all-wheel drive system, when required.

Three driving programs can be selected from the cockpit: “eco” for electric operation in inner-city, “4range” for low fuel consumption and long range and “4dynamic” in order to utilize the power of both engines for maximum driving pleasure.

This article compiled using information from an MBtech press release.

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