Massive CNG-LNG Filling Station Opens in Shanxi

| China, Shanxi

Sancha station - Asia No.1 stationShanxi Guoxin Energy Development Group Limited’s company Shanxi Northwest Natural Gas Company Limited has opened what is claimed to be Asia’s largest natural gas fueling station. Located in Sancha Town, Wuzhai District of Xinzhou City in the northern province of Shanxi, the multifunctional Aspro-equipped filling station supplies both compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG). The first phase of investment for the station, which occupies more than 100 acres, cost 65 million RMB (USD 10.6 million).

The new station is equipped with three Aspro IODM 115-2-60 compressors supplied by Aspro TIS (Beijing) Co., Ltd, to meet the CNG fueling demand. Each 160KW compressor is rated at 2500 m3/h. The equipment has been imported from Argentina and carries the full after-sales guarantee.

The station has been designed to service heavy trucks, private cars and city buses and is in effect a multi-station. The CNG component has capacity of up to 250,000 m3 per day, enough to supply 1000 heavy trucks. The LNG station has capacity of up to 120,000 m3 per day, enough gas for 500 heavy trucks.

Sancha station - Asia No.1 station compressorsThe Sancha station has 28 CNG dispensers, 48 filling guns, 4 LNG dispensers and 3 high volume dispensers for filling of CNG trailers for daughter stations. It is referred to locally as “Asia No.1 station”, and was opened 13th September.

Aspro says it is committed to keeping pace with the growing demand for natural gas as a transportation fuel in China. The project reaffirms Aspro’s participation in the market and gives impetus to the investment in activity growth to meet local demand.

(Source: Aspro TIS)

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