Maryland Baked Foods Distributor to Lease 25 Natural Gas Vehicles

| USA, Miami FL
Northeast Foods delivery fleet

Current Northeast Foods delivery vehicles

Ryder System, Inc., a commercial fleet management and supply chain solutions provider, has added Northeast Foods as another natural gas vehicle client, signing them up for 25 compressed natural gas (CNG) tractors under a full-service lease.  Northeast Foods, a baking company and food distributor based in Baltimore, Maryland, will use the trucks to support its distribution and delivery operations that exclusively service McDonald’s Corporation.

Northeast Foods has been a key supplier to the McDonald’s fast food chain since 1965 and is now the largest supplier of buns in the United States.  This will be Ryder’s first natural gas lease customer in Maryland.  Ryder will provide maintenance for the 25 CNG vehicles from Ryder’s Baltimore service facility, which is being upgraded for compliance with natural gas standards.

“With several years of experience operating and maintaining natural gas vehicles, we are in a unique position to help businesses leverage our expertise by making advanced fuel vehicles available through our lease and rental arrangements,” said Ryder President of Global Fleet Management Solutions, Dennis Cooke.  “When companies like Northeast Foods choose Ryder to manage their fleets, they can focus on driving what matters to them – managing their core business and servicing their customers.”

Northeast Foods distributes baked goods to 15,000 direct delivery customers every day, including up to 90 percent of all Maryland public schools, as well as to hundreds of super markets, including private labels, restaurants and even world-renowned fast food chain restaurants.  Northeast Foods will begin to take delivery of the NGVs in 2015 and expects to have all 25 CNG vehicles fully operational by midyear.

“In the fresh food business, our top priority is to have a reliable fleet of well-maintained vehicles to ensure our customers get their deliveries when and where they need them,” said Chuck Paterakis, Vice President of Transportation and Logistics for Northeast Foods.  “With Ryder’s natural gas vehicles, we have the confidence that we can get the service and performance we need from our fleet today, while operating more cost-efficiently and environmentally-friendly.”

(Source: Ryder System, Inc.)

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