Marburg Bus Fleet now 50% Natural Gas

| Germany, Marburg

Stadtwerke Marburg's new natural gas buses

Stadtwerke Marburg, the city of Marburg’s municipal public transportation entity, has increased its fleet by ten new MAN Lion City new natural gas buses and now has a total of 35 buses with environmentally friendly natural gas propulsion. Fourteen natural gas buses have been procured since the start of 2011, including four Bredamenarini Vivacity buses from Italy. The switch to an environmentally-friendly drive concept by the city commenced seven years ago and now, according to Mayor Franz Hahle, the city has the largest natural gas fleet in Hesse, making up around 50% of the total fleet.

MAN Lion’s City buses meet current environmental requirements, satisfying the EEV which is below the currently valid Euro V directive.

Mayor Halhe says natural gas is the right fuel for his historic city. “In comparison to conventional gasoline or diesel vehicles natural gas causes about a fifth less CO2, 80% less nitrogen oxides, 50% less hydrocarbons, up to 60% less carbon monoxide and almost no soot particles. For Marburg, with its for special geographical location and structural features in the old town, it is the ideal propulsion system. ”

Stadtwerke Marburg has also built a new natural gas refuelling facility for its buses, which will also be used by the 27 other public utility vehicles that also operate on natural gas. The new facility provides quick refueling facilities to ensure the bus fleet is fully operational from day to day.

At a price of 98.9 cents (USD 1.40) per kilogram, natural gas costs the gasoline equivalent of 65.9 (USD 0.94) cents per litre and diesel equivalent of 76 (USD 1.08) cents per gallon.

Stadtwerke Marburg promotes the switch to a natural gas vehicle, offering an incentive of EURO 750 (USD 1065) for residents of Marburg. In addition, residents of the district of Marburg-Biedenkopf receive a fuel voucher for the City Works gas station to the value of EUR 400 (USD 568).

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