Mansfield Oil Co Adds CNG to Fuels Suite with GESI Purchase

| USA, Gainesville GA

Mansfield’s 20,000 fuel outlets will add massive substance to North American CNG fuelling infrastructure

Mansfield Oil Company, a provider of end-to-end fuel solutions across North America, has acquired California-based Gas Equipment Systems, Inc. (GESI). GESI has supplied, constructed and maintained more than 150 compressed natural gas fueling stations in its thirteen year history. With the addition of compressed natural gas to its current energy portfolio, Mansfield states it has solidified its position as the only transportation fuels company with the capability to deliver a complete slate of fuels including gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, ethanol, and CNG across the U.S. and Canada.

“GESI provides the knowledge needed for Mansfield to become a one-stop solution for our customers’ energy needs on a national scale,” J. Alexander, President & COO of Mansfield, said. “With the acquisition of GESI, Mansfield has completed its transportation fuels portfolio.”

GESI has provided products and services for customers spanning the government, transit, industrial and school transportation sectors. GESI was recently appointed the North American CNG compressor packager for Gardner Denver, CompAir and BRC/Fuelmaker and also distributes CNG systems for Knox Western, Ingersoll-Rand, AFSC Compressors, PSB Gas Dryers, Kraus Global Dispensers and FuelMaster. GESI manufactures its compressor skids and its own line of accessory components at its headquarters in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

GESI Founder Larry Ozier commented, “We currently design, supply, manufacture, construct and maintain CNG fuel stations of all sizes in numerous states including California, Arizona, Texas, Minnesota, and Illinois. Our experience has been that customers need a turnkey solution from a single source. We can ease their transition to CNG and make sure that their systems continue to operate reliably for years to come.”

Doug Haugh, Executive Vice President & CIO of Mansfield, stated, “Many of our customers in the Waste, Cement, Parcel Delivery, Public Transit, and School Transportation sectors have been asking for CNG. Now we have the capability and experience to address that demand with the same quality and reliability we deliver with our existing fuels portfolio. 95% of the natural gas consumed in the United States is produced domestically, so we see a great opportunity to help our customers save money and reduce their emissions by leveraging the vast natural gas resources recently discovered in the U.S.”

Mansfield says GESI’s products and services solve the infrastructure challenge that customers face in adopting CNG systems. When paired with Mansfield’s national network of fuel supply, the resulting solution allows customers to easily consider CNG as a realistic option to meet their fueling needs at any location across the country. Mansfield currently delivers fuels to over 20,000 customer locations in the U.S. and Canada providing a readily accessible customer base for GESI’s products.

This article compiled using information from a Mansfield Oil Company press release.

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