MAN and erdgas mobil Enter into a Cooperation Agreement

| Germany
MAN Lion's City CNG 14m bus

MAN Lion’s City CNG 14m bus

Significant expansion of natural gas-based mobility in local and regional public transport

MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland GmbH and erdgas mobil have further strengthened their cooperation by reaching agreement to joint target-marketing across Germany of the complementary products of natural gas as a fuel and of MAN natural gas-powered buses. The ultimate aim of the cooperation is to stabilise and expand the numbers of natural gas buses in Germany and to ensure the continued development of the fuel infrastructure for natural gas-based mobility as a whole.

“We are looking forward to this ground-breaking work with erdgas mobil. We are confident that the combination of MAN’s vehicle technology and erdgas mobil’s know-how will offer an attractive alternative both from an economic as well as an environmental point of view” said Heiko Haumer, Head of Bus Sales Management at MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland.

Dr. Timm Kehler, erdgas mobil director, added: “In MAN we have a strong partner at our side for the expansion of natural gas-based mobility in the field of local and regional public transport.”

MAN has more than 40 years’ experience with natural-gas buses and offers a broad portfolio of complete buses. Natural-gas-powered drives can be ordered as alternatives for just about every model in the MAN Lion’s City range, from the 12-metre long solo bus to the 18.75-metre long articulated bus.

Erdgas mobil GmbH is an initiative of the leading German power supply company, bringing together the activities and expertise of the 12 member companies across Germany in order to establish natural-gas and bio-natural gas as an alternative fuel and exploit its market potential.

(Source: MAN)

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