Major European Cooperative Chooses NGVs to Cut CO2

| Spain, Valencia

Consum Cooperativa 2016 truckConsum Cooperativa, the largest cooperative in the Spanish Mediterranean, has added nine natural gas powered trucks to its logistics fleet in Valencia, Spain. The aim of this initiative, launched in collaboration with logistics operator Transnugón, is to introduce a line of eco-efficient transporters for distribution service to stores, transportation from points of origin (from suppliers to Cooperative logistics platforms) and transportation between platforms, that is less polluting than those vehicles currently in use.

The increased cost for the acquisition of this type of truck will be compensated, according to Transnugón, with reduced consumption and cheaper fuel.

Consum, aware of the environmental impact generated by its activities, tries every year to minimize its effects. The fleet of gas powered vehicles will be progressively expanded and will reduce CO2 emissions per vehicle by approximately 30%.

Spain's Consum CooperativaConsum has 661 supermarkets (owned and franchised) distributed throughout Catalonia, Valencia, Murcia, Castilla-La Mancha, Andalusia and Aragon. It is the only distribution company in Spain with the Certificate of Family Friendly Company (EFR).

 (Source: Consum Cooperativa)
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