Madrid Offers Incentives for Vehicle Conversion to CNG

| Spain, Madrid

Exhaust pollutionThe Governing Council of the Community of Madrid has decided to subsidize conversion of vehicles to compressed natural gas (CNG) so they can use less expensive, less polluting fuel. Each Madrileño who takes up this opportunity will receive up to EUR 400 (approx. USD 450): EUR 200 transferred directly to the owner of the vehicle by the Community and the balance by way of discount on invoicing by an approved conversion workshop.

This is the first-time call for these grants, for which the Community has allocated EUR 170,000 (USD .190m) for the adaptation of vehicles from gasoline to CNG, sufficient for about 425 conversions. The use of natural gas fuel will help reduce urban pollution and greenhouse gas emissions and will therefore assist the Community address outcomes stated in its Air Quality Strategy.

The incentive program has been developed in collaboration with Spain’s Ministry of Economy, Employment and Finance which signed a collaboration agreement with the Community of Madrid Energy Foundation, the agency responsible for managing the plans.

(Source: Community of Madrid)

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