Love’s Adds New CNG Stations

| USA, Oklahoma City OK

Love's Travel CNG StationLove’s Travel Stops (Love’s) will introduce fast-fill compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling capabilities for heavy-duty trucks and a CNG fueling option for passenger vehicles at existing travel stops in the U.S. state of Oklahoma. Upon completion, the additions will bring the number of Love’s Travel Stops in the state offering fast-fill CNG for heavy-duty trucks to four. Nationwide, the number of Love’s offering CNG for heavy-duty trucks will rise to 16.

“We believe these locations will be in areas of high demand as the market for this cost-efficient fueling alternative evolves,” said Bill Cashmareck, general manager of natural gas at Love’s. “Ardmore will provide additional coverage for fleets that use the popular I-35 route between Oklahoma City and Dallas/Fort Worth. Webbers Falls will add another stop to our locations along I-40 that currently have or will soon be equipped with Love’s Fast-Fill CNG.”

The Ardmore location will be the second Love’s with fast-fill CNG for heavy-duty trucks on I-35; a driver can fill a 100 gallon equivalent tank in 10 minutes or less. The Webbers Falls location will be the sixth Love’s on I-40 to receive fast-fill CNG. The rapidly expanding Love’s Fast-Fill CNG network of locations on I-40 will give fleets the option to run on CNG from Arkansas to California.

“Love’s is focused on serving both our heavy-duty customers and the general public. Love’s will increase its coverage for the general public by adding a light-duty option to these two stations in addition to the existing 11 light-duty CNG stores throughout Oklahoma. Ardmore and Webbers Falls will also allow heavy-duty fleets to take advantage of Love’s integrated in-lane experience, which means filling with CNG will be similar to fueling with diesel or diesel exhaust fluid (DEF),” said Cashmareck.

Love’s is aggressively expanding its fast-fill CNG network at travel stops nationwide. With convenient locations close to interstates and highways, drivers have easy access to in-lane CNG adjacent to store amenities, including clean restrooms, quick-service restaurants and more. An updated list of Love’s fast-fill CNG locations can be found by clicking here.

The Ardmore and Webbers Falls travel stops are expected to be dispensing CNG to the public by spring 2015.

(Source: Lovés Travel Stops)

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