London’s Islington Adopts CNG for Clean Fleet

| United Kingdom: Islington

Islington flat-deck CNG vanThe London Borough of Islington has revealed plans for a new “green fleet” of vehicles that will use the cleanest possible technology and fuels, as it launches a borough-wide spring clean campaign this month. Adding to its electric and hybrid vehicles, the Council is among the first in the country to begin purchasing larger vehicles powered by compressed natural gas, or CNG.

The majority of the CNG powering Islington’s vehicles will come from biomethane, a renewable natural gas (RNG), which is produced entirely from waste food and therefore a 100% renewable fuel source.

The council will spend around £3 million (USD 4.2 million) in total this year on greener vehicles, including trialling three refuse and recycling trucks, five heavy vans, an accessible community transport bus and a street sweeper, all powered by CNG.

Cllr Claudia Webbe, Islington’s executive member for environment and transport, said: “Polluting diesel vehicles will soon be a thing of the past in our own fleet – our next step is to introduce new vans for the street cleaning service and new accessible community transport buses, both powered by compressed natural gas.

“The future can only be green if we all strive towards that goal – and I’m proud to be pushing towards a zero-emission fleet in Islington.”

Source: Islington Borough

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