LNG Powered RO-RO Vessel Ordered for Australia’s Bass Strait

| Australia, Devonport

SeaRoad Holdings Pty Ltd, a privately owned Australian integrated transport and logistics service provider specialising in Bass Strait shipping and logistics, has secured agreement for a new vessel to augment its fleet. Management has reached agreement with German shipyard, Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft mbH & Co. (FSG), for the construction of one Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) fuelled roll on – roll off vessel.

The delivery of the 180 metre long vessel is planned for late 2016/early 2017. The new vessel, costing AUD 100 million (USD 93 m) and purpose-built to service Bass Strait, will:

  • Embrace clean air fuel technology
  • Support energy efficiency
  • Increase our capacity by 50%
  • Allow for faster transit times, and
  • Permit longer time in ports

SeaRoad’s decision to expand its current fleet capacity will provide greater certainty for Tasmanian businesses and supports future economic growth in the state.

Gas Energy Australia’s CEO and Director, Mike Carmody, says the purchase is a major step forward for Australia’s uptake of this cleaner, cheaper transport fuel. Currently, LNG is priced at about two thirds the cost of diesel.  “Investing in LNG will help companies to reduce their carbon footprint, and as an alternative to foreign oil, help Australia improve its fuel security.”

“LNG is gaining traction as a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly fuel for road transport in Australia, and LNG’s potential as a marine fuel is now being recognised here too,” Carmody said.

(Sources: SeaRoad Holdings; Gas Energy Australia)

The purchase of a $100 million LNG freight ship by an Australian shipping company is a major step forward for our country’s uptake of this cleaner, cheaper transport fuel, Gas Energy Australia’s CEO and Director, Mike Carmody,

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