LNG Masterplan Project Concludes

| The Netherlands, Rotterdam
Ecoliner at Rotterdam for LNG Masterplan final event Dec2015

LNG-fueled Ecoliner was available for inspection at the LNG Masterplan concluding event.

Mid-2013, the Trans-European Network for Transport (TEN-T) Call 2012 selected the LNG Masterplan for Rhine-Main-Danube project (ref: 2012-EU-18067-S) for funding. Thus was created a driving force for the establishment of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as a fuel for European inland waterways transportation. The project was concluded in December 2015 when several hundred delegates came together in Rotterdam to celebrate multiple accomplishments and hear of new projects spawned by the LNG Masterplan initiative.

“The European Union is very proud to have facilitated this project between 2013 and 2015. The project cost a total of 34 million euros (USD 37.1 million), 17 million of which were provided by the European Union from the TEN-T Programme. We can say “Well done” to all parties involved. It looks like we are going to benefit tremendously from this project for the implementation of LNG in the inland water transport sector. We are actually getting things done now,” honoured Dimitrios Theologitis, head of the European DG MOVE Unit Ports and Inland Waterways, the substantial results of the LNG Masterplan for Rhine/Meuse-Danube at the final event of the LNG Masterplan project in Rotterdam.

Between 14 and 16 December 2015, almost three hundred of LNG stakeholders gathered in Rotterdam to discuss the latest developments in safety, emergency response, design of ships, bunkering, fuelling as well as technical and market developments. The guests explored the port, visiting the GATE terminal, the Falck Rick training facility for emergency response on LNG. The STC-Group opened its doors to show the brand new e-learning and training facility for the employees of shipping and trucking industry, who work with LNG.

And at the venue of the event, two LNG vessels could be visited: the LNG retrofitted container vessel Eiger-Nordwand of Danser Group moored next to the 100% LNG-fuelled type C tanker EcoLiner of Damen. On the quay, Scania and Iveco displayed their latest trucks. And TNO showed the LNG tank that recently has been used in a 2 hour fire-test -and withstood the test. In the Seinehaven, the first European LNG-fuelled vessel Argonon of Deen Shipping was displayed.

The LNG Masterplan Final Event concluded with an overview of all results of the 3-year project. And the story continues: new LNG Projects were announced, like the new ReaLNG project by Shell, Port of Lübeck, STC-Group and Port of Rotterdam.

The Port of Rotterdam was host to the LNG Masterplan Final Event. It has made a significant investment in LNG over the last few years to become LNG ready and a true European LNG hub, thus an example to other European ports.

(Source: LNG Masterplan)

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