LNG Marine Fuel Website Launched by WPCI

WPCI LogoFocusing on the use of LNG as a marine fuel, an “LNG Fuelled Vessels Working Group” has been established under the auspices of IAPH’s World Ports Climate Initiative (WPCI). The Working Group has developed guidelines on safe procedures for LNG bunkering operations, providing ports around the world with implementation guidelines to pursue this technology. The group has launched a new website.

This website provides a detailed overview of the use of LNG as a ship’s  fuel, illustrates the technical requirements for seagoing vessels, and provides a detailed overview of bunkering infrastructure and vessels under development and the business case. The website is targeted in particular at port authorities giving consideration to the rollout of LNG as a shipping fuel.

One of the main objectives of the working group was to create harmonized LNG bunker checklists for known LNG bunkering scenarios. These checklists reflect the extra requirements of ports with regard to LNG bunkering operations in or near their port environment.

(Source: WPCI)

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