LNG-fueled Ferry a First for Denmark

| Denmark, Copenhagen

Samsø LNG ferryContracts for building the first Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)-fuelled ferry for domestic Danish trade were signed in June this year. DNV Maritime describes the event as a major milestone with the ship being the first LNG-fuelled ferry designed for domestic trade in the EU. The ferry’s first journey between the island of Samsø and Jutland on the Danish mainland is planned to take place 1 October 2014.

Danish OSK-ShipTech A/S designed the new ferry and has also conducted the EU tender process on behalf of Samsø Municipality. Remontowa Yard in Gdansk, Poland has been chosen to build the vessel, which will be classed by DNV.

The owner of the new ferry will be Samsø Municipality, which is responsible for the route crossing the Kattegat. “The new LNG-fuelled ferry owned and operated by the municipality will fit into the island’s environmental profile,” says Samsø’s Mayor Jørn C. Nissen. “We have a continuous focus on environmental improvements. So far, we’ve wiped out our carbon footprint by using a combination of wind and solar power and biofuel.”

“Replacing heavy fuel oil with liquefied natural gas will remove all sulphur from the new ferry’s exhaust gas, reducing nitrogen emissions by some 85% and also reducing the CO2 emissions significantly,” Nissen added.

The new ferry can carry a maximum of 600 passengers and 160 cars.

DNV was the first class society to develop rules for LNG-fuelled ships back in the year 2000. Less than a year later, the first ferry started to operate on a Norwegian fjord. At the end of June, 38 LNG-fuelled ships are in operation and DNV classes 36 of them. The huge majority operate in Norwegian waters or close to Norway’s coast.

The Samsø ferry, which will be Danish-flagged, is one of some 30 LNG-fuelled newbuilds ordered for delivery within the next two years. Two more Danish-flagged vessels are among these 30 newbuilds and Fjordline, their owner, will soon be operating these two large ferries between Denmark and Norway.

(Source: DNV)

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