LNG-CNG Station Opens Near Lake Como

| Italy
Iveco LNG Trucks for Maganetti Group 2016

Maganetti already operates Iveco Stralis LNG Trucks

Italian natural gas truck manufacturer Iveco, Maganetti Group (a collective for logistics and transport companies in the province of Sondrio) and mineral water producers Levissima-Sanpellegrino (Nestlé) have opened a new LNG-CNG station in the Como Lake region of Northern Italy. Servicing the community of Valtellina this is the 6th Liquefied Natural Gas station open for operations in Italy.

Coordinated under the name of “LNG Valtellina Sostenibile Logistica”, the project launch featured the new Iveco Stralis NP which was used to draw attention to the benefits of LNG and promote natural gas as a heavy transport fuel suited for long distance operations. Specifically presented was the new model Stralis AS440S40T NP / P LNG. Equipped with the 40 hp Iveco Cursor 9 engine, EuroTronic gearbox and dual LNG tank (with a capacity of 540 liters), the truck offers 1500 km trips between refuelling.

The Maganetti Group, as the initiator of the project, seeks the replacement of diesel fuel for the current automotive industry, with liquid methane, a fuel that allows a drastic reduction of all pollution parameters. Maganetti’s objective is to protect and preserve the environment of Valtellina with cutting edge technology by providing access to the clean fuel alternative.

Iveco vehicles, powered by LNG which delivers energy efficiency similar to traditional fuels, take advantage of the cost savings from utilising natural gas fuel, thereby offsetting the cost of investment required to adopt the new LNG technology.

The project will benefit from the new LNG-CNG station built by Ham Italia, an Italian-Spanish company specializing in the design, construction and infrastructure maintenance as well as transportation and marketing of liquefied natural gas.

Iveco Daily Pop Minibus CNGAt the ceremony, a Daily Pop Iveco CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) minibus, offered to the municipality of Gera Lario (Como Lake) by Renzo and Nuccia Maganetti Foundation, was officially presented as a symbol of the commitment of both companies toward sustainable logistics. The Daily Pop CNG (model 50C14), designed for the Italian market, has 28 passenger seats + 1 driver seat + 1 hostess seat. It will transport students from Gera Lario and refuel at its new local natural gas filling station.

In his speech, Matteo Lorenzo De Campo, CEO of Maganetti Group, stressed the importance of the inauguration of the new LNG self-service station, the first of its kind in Lombardy, which is unique insofar as it is situated off the main freight route. He said this proves that this technology can still thrive even in a region like the Valtellina – synonymous with nature and mountain scenery – and is increasingly present where local industries have at heart to preserve the environment in which they operate.

At the end of his speech, De Campo announced that several government incentives have also allowed additional purchase of 13 new Stralis LNG-fueled NP: the Maganetti Group now has 36 LNG-powered vehicles, equivalent to 20% of the total fleet.

(Source: Iveco)

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