LNG Bunkering Services Alliance Formed in North America

| USA, Houston TX

REVLNGA new alliance has been formed in North America to pursue opportunities arising from the growing demand for Liquefied Natural Gas as a marine fuel for all types of commercial vessels. In Houston, Texas, GAC Bunker Fuels (GBFL), the GAC Group’s bunker trading and brokerage arm, has entered a strategic partnership with REV LNG and REV LNG Marine to deliver LNG bunkering services to ship owners and operators trading in North America.

The alliance with the full-service LNG supplier and its marine arm REV LNG Marine offers a complete LNG supply chain solution in North American ports. LNG provides a viable alternative to low-sulphur marine gas oil for vessels sailing in the current North American ECA (Emissions Control Area), enabling them to reduce emissions well below the mandatory 0.1%. By 2020 or 2025, LNG will also provide a solution when the global sulphur cap of 0.5% comes into force.

REV LNG specialises in LNG liquefaction facilities, storage solutions, and distribution, and has safely transported LNG over 20 million miles. Its marine arm, REV LNG Marine adds further value by connecting offshore, inland, and Great Lakes vessels to the REV LNG supply chains.

Nicholas Browne, Global Director of GAC Bunker Fuels, says: “As demand for LNG-fuelled vessels has increased, so has demand for practical, cost effective and efficient LNG bunkering. Having already handled over 10,000 LNG port calls over the past decade, GAC is uniquely qualified to facilitate the logistics associated with LNG bunkering options. Our alliance with REV LNG places us even better to meet the needs of the market.”

“GAC draws on its global resources and long-term relationships with local port communities in the United States to support REV LNG’s supply chain coast to coast, while streamlining efficiency to enable low cost LNG bunkering services to be brought to market,” says Bob Bandos, GAC North America’s Managing Director – Shipping. “Through this unique partnership, our direct goal is to recognize and overcome the multiple challenges associated with the widespread adoption of LNG as a bunkering fuel, including guaranteeing security of supply at multiple ports, and overcoming uncertainties associated with fluctuating energy prices.”

(Source: GAC)

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