LNG Bunkering Barges Ordered for Anhui Waterways

| China, Wuhan

Wuchang Shipbuilding gantry 2014-smWuchang Shipbuilding Industry has signed a contract with Anhui Huaqiang Natural Gas to build three dual-fuel LNG bunkering barges for the Chinese market. The total value of the contract is over 100 million yuan.

The natural gas powered barges will provide bunkering services for LNG-converted inland waterways vessels registered in Anhui Province (inland from Shanghai). They will also deliver significant environmental benefit to inland waterway communities through reduced emissions.

Anhui Huaqiang Natural Gas plans to order 10 more LNG bunkering barges from Wuchang Shipbuilding in October, with more to follow as demand for LNG marine fuel grows.

The single-deck ships have a length of 90 m, width of 18 m, depth of 4.2 m and a capacity of 3986.6 tons, with two 250 m3 LNG storage tanks set near the bow.

(Source: Wuchang Shipbuilding)

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