Liquefier to Provide Flexible Supply for U.S. Marine LNG Fueling

| USA, Jacksonville FL
Cosmodyne typical Linex liquifier layout

Cosmodyne typical Linex liquifier layout

Eagle LNG Partners, selected by Crowley Maritime Corporation as fuel supplier to its forthcoming Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)-powered ConRo ships, has decided to install a Cosmodyne, LLC (Cosmodyne) natural gas liquefier for a new facility in Jacksonville, Florida. This facility is being constructed to address the growing demand for LNG in the U.S. southeast. The natural gas liquefier features Cosmodyne’s safe, environmentally-friendly, and cost-effective nitrogen refrigeration technology to reliably produce high quality LNG fuel.

The plant will deliver operating flexibility, allowing Eagle LNG to increase and decrease production in response to fluctuating market demand while maintaining high energy efficiency. This unique load-following ability to turn down production without an efficiency penalty is ideal for LNG plants deployed in markets where demand volume is developing or variable.

The equipment will be designed and fabricated in Cosmodyne’s California facilities.

(Source: Cryogenic Industries)

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