Linde Conducts Successful Mobile LNG Refueler Trial

| USA, Murray Hill and New Providence, N.J.

Linde North America has successfully trialled its liquefied natural gas (LNG) mobile fueling unit.  The Linde mobile fueler allows customers to test the feasibility of using LNG as an alternative to fuels such as diesel.  Linde worked with C Cross Transportation, a Mississippi-based hauler with a fleet of more than 100 tractors, to set up the fuel supply for an LNG tractor the company is testing in South Carolina.

“As a major hauler we were eager to test whether using LNG is feasible and we are very pleased with the results,” said Harrison Cook, President of C Cross Transportation.  “The Linde team focused on safety and training, and made the process simple for our site personnel, which gave them confidence in their ability to manage the system.  Based on experience to date, we expect to expand the test going forward.”

“This test demonstrates the simplicity of our LNG mobile fueling system, and it highlights Linde’s commitment to service and safety,” commented Douglas Bell, head of energy solutions – operations at Linde North America.  “Our mobile fueler has generated a great deal of interest at trade shows, and we are delighted to report this positive experience from the field.”

Linde, an operator of cryogenic plants, is also applying its LNG expertise, including producing and servicing mobile and permanent LNG refueling stations, to build its own LNG-fueled fleet by converting existing vehicles to LNG and purchasing new LNG-fueled tractors.

“The success of this test illustrates how LNG is becoming a competitive alternative to diesel,” said Earl Lawson, vice president, energy solutions for Linde North America. Natural gas is a clean and economical fuel produced in the U.S.  The growing cost differential between diesel and LNG can make it an attractive option that provides good payback over the lifetime of the trucks.

(This article compiled using information from a Linde Group press release)

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