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Hexagon Lincoln is the global leader in the design and manufacture of all-composite, type IV compressed energy gas cylinders.  With 50 years of experience, our team is made up of the sharpest Engineers who continue to pave the way in developing cutting-edge products. Our all-composite cylinders are used in a wide range of applications throughout the world.

Our core business area is high pressure gas containment for products such as natural gas and hydrogen vehicle tanks, bulk gas transportation modules, and fuel storage systems. Our core technical expertise is used as the basis for producing our TUFFSHELL® and TITAN™ all-composite cylinders with ultimate burst strengths and internal water volumes.

TUFFSHELL®  fuel tanks can be used for storage of compressed natural gas. TUFFSHELL® all-composite fuel tanks are simply the best combination of light weight, storage efficiency, durability, and cost available in today’s market. Only Hexagon Lincoln offers TUFFSHELL®. This unique design feature combines a naturally durable hybrid structure with energy absorbing foam and a tough fiberglass overwrap. TUFFSHELL® significantly enhances damage tolerance and mitigates damage from chemical or environmental attack and abrasion from handling.

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TUFFSHELL® Advantages:

  •   Weight savings of up to 70% over steel tanks
  •   Lighter weight than metal lined tanks
  •   Unsurpassed fill efficiency
  •   Service life of 20 years with superior fatigue life
  •   Corrosion resistant
  •   Backed by proven technology and in-house engineering expertise
  •   Manufacturing flexibility to reduce lead time
  •   Meets or exceeds all current standards
  •   Strap or boss mounting flexibility
  •   Lowers vehicle maintenance and operating costs
  •   20 years of proven field experience

Bundled TITAN™ tanks Our TITAN™ tank is truly a revolutionary product with a rated operating pressure of 250 bar and a water volume of 8,400 L. This translates to storing over 88,000 standard cubic feet of compressed natural gas. Due to the light weight nature of the product, four of the TITAN™ tanks can be bundled together within a 40’ ISO module. This makes TITAN™ an ideal solution for bulk-transportation of stranded natural gas or transporting natural gas where pipelines are not available.

Today, Hexagon Lincoln operates one of the world’s most advanced facilities for designing, testing and manufacturing composite pressure cylinders. Our products highlight our expertise in innovative technology, versatile production and cost effectiveness.

Contact Information
Website: hexagonlincoln.com
Mail: Hexagon Lincoln 5117 NW 40th St. Lincoln, NE 68524 USA
Phone: 402-470-5000 1-800-279-Tank (8265) Fax: 402-470-0019
E-mail: tuffshell@hexagonlincoln.com

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