Lincoln Composite Containers Approved for Gas Transportation in Malaysia

| Malaysia and USA

Truck-mounted Lincoln Composite Titan Module

Hexagon Composites ASA’s business unit, USA-based Lincoln Composites has signed a contract with Sime Darby Sdn. Bhd. for the supply of 30 foot TITAN high-pressure tanks and storage modules for use within Malaysia. The contract is worth between NOK 40-50 million (USD 6.9 – 8.6 million). The company says the high-pressure composite containers will provide a capacity increase in the country, allowing transport of twice as much gas as conventional steel solutions, while reducing the overall gross vehicle weight by several metric tons. This payload increase will allow fewer trailers to transport more gas throughout the country, reducing road congestion and increasing gas transportation operating efficiency.

The order fits within Malaysia’s intention to increase the natural gas fueling infrastructure throughout the country. The country supports the use of natural gas in vehicular applications via incentives and legislation for the clean burning fuel.

Approved by the Malaysian Department of Occupational Safety & Health (DOSH), Lincoln Composites’ high-pressure composite containers will ensure safe and simple transportation in ISO container form. A 30 foot TITAN module comprising 4 tanks can transport approximately ten thousand standard cubic meters of gas. The modules will be used to transport compressed natural gas from large mother compression stations to smaller daughter fueling stations that are used by the general public for filling natural gas powered vehicles. The distribution of gas in Malaysia is overseen by Petronas, the national oil company.

“The product approval from DOSH is a considerable landmark for the TITAN program,” said Lincoln Composites’ Vice President of International Sales, Frank Haberli.

Item primarily compiled using information from a Hexagon Composites ASA press release.

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