Lima and Callao Plan Massive Expansion of CNG Bus Fleet

| Peru, Lima

El Metroplitano CNG busCálidda, an majority-owned affiliate of Latin American power company Grupo Energía de Bogotá and holder of the natural gas distribution concession in the Department of Lima and the Constitutional Province of Callao in Peru, has articulated an ambitious infrastructure expansion plan that includes major provision for natural gas for transportation.

The great growth potential of this company includes the rapid transit system of Lima’s El Metropolitano, which currently operates a natural gas only fleet comprising 600 buses. According to plans announced by the Peruvian government, access to public transportation will be expanded to provide service to all corners of Lima and Callao. To do so requires a target of 5,000 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses and associated refueling stations to be met.

The Municipality of Lima estimates that in the seven year period finishing December 2017, the operation of CNG buses by El Metropolitano will have reduced emissions of CO2 by more than 400,000 tons.

The Metropolitan has two gas stations at its terminals. One of them, located in the district of Comas, is the largest in Latin America and can supply natural gas in just four minutes to an articulated bus of 18 meters.

As at July 2017, CNG was 39% cheaper than diesel and 55% cheaper than gasoline.

Peru’s natural gas reserves are estimated to be sufficient for 32 years. Calidda’s network comprises 8,300 kilometers of gas pipelines, and the company expects to reach 14,700 kilometers for 2022 with an investment of 500 million dollars. Nowadays, it operates in 42 districts in Lima and Callao.

Source: Grupo Energía Bogotá

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