Lifestyle Choice with Natural Gas Fuel

Hummer on CNG

“Our natural gas powered Hummer has fewer emissions than a Smart Car!”

Murry Gerber, former Chairman and CEO of EQT, wife Cindy and dog Seamus have just completed a lifestyle statement by driving their compressed natural gas converted Hummer H3T from Los Angeles to New York City. By doing so they have drawn attention to the financial and environmental benefits of using natural gas fuel while exercising choice over the type of vehicle they like to drive.

The trip was also used to demonstrate the growing network of natural gas filling stations. Traveling through Palm Springs, Phoenix, Tucson, Las Cruces, Midland, Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Kansas City, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Washington DC and then to New York City, the Hummer exemplified the Gerbers’ slogan for the trip painted on the Hummer – “I’m an natural gas powered vehicle: Cleaner, Cheaper and a Lot More Fun”.

There are a wide variety of vehicles being converted to run on natural gas in the United States, including passenger cars, vans, and pickup trucks. NGVAmerica has just released a listing of model year 2008-onwards vehicle and engine EPA and CARB certificates of conformity now available.

On their website the Gerbers explained, “Our Hummer is EPA certified to have fewer emissions than a Smart Car. We chose a Hummer for the trip because many people consider such large vehicles to be a major part of the problem. But what if your work or lifestyle calls for such a vehicle? Our clean-running, inexpensive-to-operate Hummer illustrates that it’s not the vehicle that’s the problem, it’s the fuel. The solution? Natural gas.”

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