Lanzhou City Adds 25 Hengtong NG Buses

| China, Lanzhou

Hengtong N300Hengtong Bus successfully bid for a contract to provide 25 Model N300 series natural gas buses to Lanzhou Bus Group. The compressed natural gas (CNG) powered buses will enter service this October. Since the beginning of 2013, Lanzhou City has prioritised the development of urban public transport services to meet the needs of the traveling public as well as easing urban traffic congestion and pressure on energy resources and the environment, by increased its investment in alternative fuelled buses.

Hengtong Bus launched the N300 front-engine two-step model earlier in 2013. This model is intended for use in China and will provide a platform for Hengtong Bus to meet the increasing Chinese demand for natural gas powered urban buses. The 10.5 metre bus incorporates an energy saving, type-V 6494 cc gas engine (model YC6J190N-52) and patented two-step technology to facilitate passenger movement on and off.

Hengtong says the capital cost, energy consumption, maintenance costs and emissions are reduced 10-15% compared to rear engine buses of similar capacity.

(Source: Hengtong Bus)

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