Landi Renzo Dual-Fuel System Developed for Perugia Bus Fleet

| Italy, Perugia

The Ecoe Dual-Fuel System

Landi Renzo has developed for Ecoè, a company owned by Umbria Mobilità, a dual-fuel supply system (60% natural gas, 40% diesel) for the public bus fleet in the territory of Perugia, Italy, reports NGV System Italia. The system takes advantage of the widespread adoption of natural gas as a transportation fuel in the country, ensuring driving performance similar to full diesel operation while offering significant savings on fuel consumption. The initiative is part of a major awareness project that Landi Renzo is delivering to local governments of large Italian cities to promote increased sustainable mobility.

In a separate report on, Giovanni Moriconi, the president of Umbria Mobilità, explained that with ever fewer resources available to the local public transport, the Ecoè system represented an opportunity to reduce operating costs and at the same time reduce harmful emissions in the cities. “The estimated economic benefit is equal to EUR 0.156 (USD 0.22) per kilometer. If a bus was estimated at an annual mileage of 70,000 kilometers, the benefit to the company would be EUR 10,920 (USD 15,200) per vehicle.”

Twelve buses are already using the dual-fuel system and eight more will be added.

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