LA Dept of Transport Orders 84 CNG Coaches

| USA, Schaumburg IL

CNG-powered MCI Commuter Coach

The City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) has signed a contract for 84 Motor Coach Industries (MCI) Commuter Coaches powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). Each 40-foot coach will be wheelchair-lift equipped and feature MCI’s Cummins ISL G 8.9 liter, 320hp engine, meeting 2010 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and California’s California Air Resource Board (CARB) standards.

The 49-passenger CNG coaches will be the first MCI models in LADOT’s fleet, and the order includes an option for 11 additional coaches after deliveries begin in the third quarter. They will┬áreplace a majority of the 94 older, heavy-duty diesel buses that now carry Commuter Express passengers.

LADOT Interim General Manager Amir Sedadi said, “The City is proud to work with MCI to offer clean air commuter bus service to our residents, in support of our Mayor’s goal to make Los Angeles the largest ‘Green’ city in America.”┬áLADOT is using Federal Transit Administration grants for 70 percent of the funding to replace the buses which are among LADOT’s oldest equipment on the road. The total value of the 84 MCI bus order is USD 59.22 million.

“One fully occupied 40-foot MCI coach takes 49 passenger cars off the road, and the MCI Commuter coach provides a lower carbon foot print per passenger mile than any other mode of transportation,” said Tom Wagner, director of MCI’s Public Sector Division. MCI first launched a CNG model more than 11 years ago. Today, there are 76 CNG MCI coaches in operation with New Jersey Transit.

This article compiled using information from a Motor Coach Industries press release.

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