L-CNG Refueling Station Opens in Poirino, Italy

| Italy, Porino

The Vanzetti-engineered LCNG plant at Poirino

Rete S.p.A. and Vanzetti Engineering S.r.l. have officially opened the first public L‐CNG refuelling station in Poirino municipality, Turin, on the 22nd September. Vanzetti says the station represents a step forward in the development of a widespread Italian network of LCNG stations, which do not need pipeline gas. The LCNG facility is situated at the Rete S.p.A.-owned multi-fuel station operated by TotalErg (a merger of TOTAL Italia and ERG Petroli).

The Poirino plant is the second LCNG station to be set up in Piedmont region (and in Italy) after the successful opening of the first one in Cuneo province in August 2010. As for the Cuneo station, there is provision in the station design for refuelling LNG heavy duty trucks, in readiness for the anticipated market commercialization of these vehicles.

The station will be able to dispense gas at a flow rate of 16 kg/min, equal to the rate of conventional fuels.

(This article compiled using information from a Vanzetti Engineering press release)

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