Kunlun Clears Air in Guangzhou with LNG Bus Fleet

| Hong Kong and China
Guangzhou's new LNG Station which will fuel the LNG bus fleet.

Guangzhou’s new LNG Station which will fuel the LNG bus fleet.

Kunlun Energy has commenced operation of its Daguan Road LNG refueling station in Guangzhou. The station was constructed and invested by a subsidiary of CNPC Shennan Oil Technology Development Co, Ltd, of which Kunlun Energy Company Limited (Kunlun Energy) is the holding company. The station will service Kunlun’s first fleet of 310 LNG-powered buses in Guangzhou, switching from LPG to LNG.

Kunlun Energy describes the developments as a “substantial breakthrough” in its development of LNG-powered buses and refueling stations in Guangzhou. With the designed capacity of 40,000 cubic meters per day, the refueling station has a maximum capacity to refuel 500 buses.

Mr. Wu Dui, a PhD supervisor of Sun Yat-Sen University and a renowned air quality expert focusing on haze in Guangdong, considers that the air quality of Guangzhou in recent years is comparatively better than other Mainland major cities. However, particulate organic nitrogen accounts for over 20% of the PM 2.5 with a relatively fast growing trend over the last 10 years. It is also Mr. Wu’s view that, in the future, the air quality control strategy of Guangzhou should adopt the progressive replacement of LNG over LPG. With the first LNG pilot project completed in Guangzhou, Daguan Road LNG refueling station took only two months to complete its work from construction to obtaining certificates.

Looking forward, with a dedication to improve the air quality and contribute to elevating the living standard of citizens in Guangzhou, Kunlun Energy will continue to further develop its LNG-powered buses and LNG refueling stations in Guangzhou and strive to establish its LNG refueling stations networks. By 2013, it plans to expand its LNG-powered buses to a total of 3,000 vehicles.

(Source: Kunlun Energy)

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