Kunlun Brings LNG to Shandong Province, China

| China, Jinan

Shandong Provincial Department of Transportation and Kunlun Energy Company Limited have completed a strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony in Jinan, the capital of Shandong province, that will assist the development of low-carbon transportation through the introduction of liquefied natural gas (LNG). The ceremony marked the commencement of the “Substitute Oil with LNG” project of Kunlun Energy in Shandong. Mr. Yu Hongguang, Deputy Director – general of the Department of Transportation of Shandong Province and Mr. Feng Yi, Vice-President of Kunlun, signed the agreement. 

Mr. Feng Yi stated that upon the signing of this agreement and under the guidance of the Department of Transportation, the Company would bring its advantages into full play to comprehensively carry forward the project in Shandong province, so as to make active contribution to energy saving, emission reduction and reduction of operating cost of the society in Shandong Province.

Mr. Jia Xueying, Director-General of the Department of Transportation of Shandong Province, stated that the promotion of the “Substitute Oil with LNG” project in the transportation domain in Shandong will actively improve the region’s energy structure and achieve low-carbon economy. The promotion of the LNG project is described as a positive measure to implement the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”.

Jinan committed to compressed natural gas (CNG) several years ago, with more than 600 taxis converted to bi-fuel natural gas/gasoline operation and planned development of 3 compressed natural gas (CNG) stations planned as early as 2006.

(This article primarily compiled using information from a Kunlun Energy Company Ltd press release)

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