Krummen Kerzers Purchases 20 LNG-powered Volvo Trucks

| Switzerland: Kerzers | Source: Krummen Kerzers

Krummen Kerzers Volvo LNGSwiss logistics specialist Krummen Kerzers has advanced its strategy for the sustainable reduction of CO2 emissions by purchasing 20 Volvo trucks that operate using Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Purchase agreements were signed last week.

The vehicles will be used as part of the project “LNG – Bridge to the Future”, which Krummen Kerzers initiated in the summer of this year together with Lidl Switzerland.

“The vehicles from Volvo are the first heavy-duty gas-powered trucks on the market, whose performance also allow use in long-distance traffic,” says CEO Peter Krummen and refers to information provided by the manufacturer. The vehicles offer the same performance and driving characteristics as their diesel counterpart and achieve a range of up to 1,000 kilometers with a 20 percent better CO2 balance. According to the manufacturer, other values ​​such as air pollutants, fine dust and noise are significantly lower than those of conventional diesel trucks.

Additionally, Krummen Kerzers notes the vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art assistance systems, including active driver assistance during steering. In this way, the new trucks are not only environmentally friendly than their predecessors, but also safer.

Ongoing LNG Investment Planned

“With the integration of liquefied natural gas lorries in our fleet, we are expanding our position as a sustainable logistics service provider in Switzerland,” says Krummen. The company wants to help overcome the skepticism held by fleet operators toward alternative fuel systems. According to the company press release, it wants by the end of 2020 to convert one third of its fleet to LNG vehicles.

Together with Lidl Switzerland, it has also set itself the goal of expanding the LNG filling station network. In the spring of 2019, two new mobile filling stations are to ensure the supply of liquefied natural gas on the most important Swiss east / west axis.

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