Kögel Extends CNG Range with Trailer Module

| Germany, Burtenbach

Kögel trailer with CNG module for extended range.

Kögel Trailer GmbH & Co. KG, a commercial vehicle body and trailer manufacturer based in Germany, has created a compressed natural gas (CNG) module to suit many Kögel semi-trailers, that triples the range of gas-powered trucks. The trailer module acts as an additional storage unit for natural gas. CNG trucks can now for the first time be used in regional and long-distance traffic. Carriers do not only benefit from the extended range, but also from the lower life cycle costs and the reduced CO2 emissions.

The additional tanks in the Kögel CNG module are mounted in the pallet box or on the vehicle frame ex works or can be easily retrofitted. The gas tanks installed contain 1.100 litres of natural gas. This clearly extends the reach of the pure gas truck with a semi-trailer, which only has a reach depending on the manufacturer of approx. 300 to 500 kilometres without the Kögel CNG module, can now travel over 1.000 kilometres without refuelling.

Utilising the space available on trailers for CNG cylinders will also make future CNG trucks ideal for regional and long-distance transport. This is profitable for carriers, because the 188 litres of gas that a truck uses per 100 kilometres cost approx. EUR 27 (USD 34), depending on the country and the gas quality. The minimum of 28 litres consumed by a diesel truck over a distance of 100 kilometres cost approx. 37 euros (USD 47). This results in cost savings of about 10 euros (USD 13) per 100 kilometres.

CO2 emissions are significantly reduced, as natural gas contains almost no components that create pollutants and burns in a non-polluting and environmentally friendly manner. The module means 70 percent lower CO2 emissions can now be achieved for CNG-powered medium and long distance transport,

Fast and simple coupling of the trailer to the truck is performed by using a special connection plug system, that operates in a plug-and-play manner. The Kögel CNG modules that are installed in a pallet box can slide out to facilitate simple operation and maintenance.

A trailer with a filled Kögel CNG module is only up to 524 kilograms heavier than a conventional trailer. The slightly lower payload the CNG module causes is more than compensated for by the cost benefits and the clearly improved environmental compatibility.

The Kögel CNG module is available on request for many Kögel semi-trailers.

(This article compiled using information from a Kögel Trailer GmbH & Co. KG press release)

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