Kia Promotes CNG at Geneva

| Switzerland, Geneva | Source: Autocar

While the 82nd International Motor Show in Geneva has several natural gas vehicles on display, it was the head of powertrain engineering at Kia, Dr Joachim Hahn, who captured attention of auto press representatives by calling for greater acknowledgement of the benefits of powering cars with compressed natural gas (CNG), reports Autocar. Hahn reportedly told Autocar:  “With all the work we do on internal combustion engines and hydrogen-powered cars, making big gains in CO2 reduction is either incredibly difficult or incredibly expensive. That’s why I see big potential in CNG. It can offer a 20 per cent CO2 reduction just like that – what other technology can give you that?

Hahn reiterated the other known benefits of CNG – cheaper for consumers, easier to store than either electricity or diesel, widespread availability with consequent reduction in dependence on oil, and a gradually improving supportive policy environment.

NGV Global News will be keeping an eye open for CNG developments under the Kia brand.

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