KC LNG Introduces Multi-Trailer LNG Bunker Connector

| Denmark: Aarhus

Kosan Crisplant Y-piece for LNG bunkeringKC LNG, Kosan Crisplant’s LNG division based in Denmark and a provider of small-scale scalable Liquefied Natural Gas solutions, has introduced a Y-piece connector that the company claims cuts truck-to-ship bunkering time by half. The mechanism allows two tank trailers to connect to the ship at the same time and can be expanded to fit four trailers by connecting an additional unit.

Abe to fit to any trailer design, the Y-piece allows for continuous flow (40-120 m3/h bunkering flow) while switching between trailers. The compact design and light weight (able to be managed by two people) adds to its versatility of application.

Its shut-off valves and purging system make it possible to disconnect and change trailers during the filling operation, so your bunkering never has to stand still before it is completed.

Nijman/Zeetank, a European transporter of liquids and cryogenic gases, adds it recommendation: “KC LNG’s Y-piece has been a game changer for us. It has drastically increased the efficiency of our LNG bunkering process, and it was very easy to install and use. We have already performed several bunker operations and are quickly accustomed to working easily and safely with the new equipment. The professional assistance from KC LNG has only made the experience better.”

Source: Kosan Crisplant

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