KAMAZ Introduces CNG Grain Carrier

| Tatarstan, Kazan

KAMAZ Grain-Carrier, model 68902S CNGA new product from Russian vehicle manufacturer KAMAZ – a compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered grain carrier – was presented at the Volga Agroindustrial Forum in Kazan, the capital and largest city of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Grain-Carrier 68902S based on KAMAZ-65117-34 by RariTEK, OJSC KAMAZ’s distributor of gas-powered vehicles, complies with the Euro 4 emission standard. The fuel system of the vehicle is equipped with eight cylinders to hold 160 m3 of CNG at a pressure of 200 atmospheres, which delivers an operational range of approximately 400 km.

Tatarstan is also participating in a KAMAZ trial of liquefied natural gas (LNG) for heavy duty vehicles. Tatarstan has a short-term plan to launch a small-tonnage LNG plant with a capacity of 56 thousand tonnes. It will enable the supply of almost one thousand vehicles with fuel every year and solve the main problem of NGV development – a scarcity of filling stations.

(Source: KAMAZ)

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