KAMAZ Dual-Fuel Tractors and NEFAZ Trailers for Stavropol

| Russia: Stavropol | Source: KAMAZ

KAMAZ dual-fuel tractors for StavropolTransportno-ekspeditsionnaya kompaniya Glt (GLT), a freight-forwarding company based in Stavropol, a city in southwestern Russia, has acquired 265 dual-fuel (diesel/natural gas) tractor units from heavy duty vehicle manufacturing company KAMAZ PTC. Director General of KAMAZ PTC, Sergey Kogogin, was on hand last week to oversee a batch delivery.

GLT has selected the KAMAZ 5490 gas diesel tractor. Making up the complete unit are trailers produced by NEFAZ, subsidiary enterprise of KAMAZ in Bashkiria. By June 14, the company has already received 100 auto trains. Leasing partner of the transaction was KAMAZ Leasing company.

“I am very pleased to be here today and take part in the transfer of our vehicles, as GLT is the company that once said that it will work on our equipment, and for almost four years we are going along this path together”, said Sergey Kogogin, welcoming the participants of the event. “GLT has become one of the leaders in the development of natural gas fuel, which gives significant savings to business and helps to protect the environment.”

KAMAZ trucks to Stavropol

He also noted that the gas-diesel KAMAZ-5490 is one of the most popular models in the line of products of the auto giant, which promises significant savings to its owners due to the replacement of diesel fuel with gas. This is an alliance of several of the most successful solutions of the company. And the use of these tractors together with NEFAZ trailers makes the acquisition doubly effective.

“For several years, KAMAZ and KAMAZ-Leasing have been our strategic partners. And the main share of tractors in GLT is under the KAMAZ trademark. We sincerely believe that the team headed by Sergey Anatolyevich will continue to develop advanced technologies for the production of mainline equipment, which will allow us, the participants of the logistics industry to provide high-quality services to our customers. Our goal is to become the No. 1 company in the logistics market with its own fleet of 5,000 vehicles”, said GLT Executive Director Pavel Gorbunov.

In the second part of the event, a round table was held in the meeting room, during which the current state of the transport and logistics industry, current problems and challenges facing the participants of the transport market and departments were discussed.

KAMAZ PTC is the largest manufacturer of trucks, passenger vehicles and electric vehicles in Russia.

GLT is one of the five largest domestic transport companies in the field of direct transport by eurotrucks, and is the largest transport company in the South of Russia. The company’s fleet includes more than 1,000 road trains.

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