KAMAZ CNG Vehicles Will Move Metal in Ukraine

| Russia and Ukraine

Kamaz NGV truck production

Russian automotive giant KAMAZ has concluded an agreement with Ukranian metals processor TPK Ukrsplav, based in Donetsk, on supply of KAMAZ-65116-30 bottle-gas driven prime movers running on compressed natural gas (CNG). The first batch of 10 vehicles has already been shipped, with 50 to be supplied in total. The total amount of the transaction made more than 120 million rubles (USD 3.84 million).

KAMAZ-65116-30 vehicles are made by a distributor of OJSC KAMAZ – OOO RariTEK specializing in mounting of gas-cylinder equipment on KAMAZ chassis.

Ukrsplav preceded the order with a trial of one KAMAZ vehicle in June. The company says the trial demonstrated the obvious advantages of natural gas over other fuels. According to representatives of the Ukrainian company, under peak load conditions the vehicle powered with a gas engine can save about  USD 300 or 9,000 rubles a day in comparison with a diesel engine vehicle.

Ukrsplav decided to buy natural gas vehicles (NGVs) also because there is an extensive network of NGV-refueling compressor stations in Ukraine – more than 280 filling stations – where natural gas is the cheapest and most environmentally friendly fuel.

(This article compiled using information from a KAMAZ press release)

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