KAMAZ CNG Dump Truck Rolls Along ‘Blue Corridor’ – Other Models Available

| Russia

Kamaz CNG-powered rear-loading dump truck readied for the Blue Corridor event.

Amongst the several natural gas vehicles participating in a “Blue Corridor 2011” rally on a route from Prague (June 3) – Leipzig – Wolfsburg – Berlin to Greifswald (June 9), held in conjunction with NGVA Europe’s NGV 2011 Berlin Conference and Workshops, is a new Farid Minipac MK2 garbage truck out of Russia. The medium-tonnage rear-loading garbage truck powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) and built on a KAMAZ-4308 chassis, is designed for mechanical and manual collection of solid wastes in cramped urban environments. Russian automotive giant OJSC KAMAZ (Kama Automobile Plant) says the vehicle is equipped with an imported Euro-5 compliant engine and is especially useful for cities where large-size machinery is denied access.

The company is promoting a new range of CNG-powered vehicles as part of its strategic response to Europe’s increasingly stringent emissions targets, attracting the attention of energy supplier Gazprom at AUTOSIB-2011, the XXI International specialized exhibition of vehicles, in the city of Novosibirsk. According to the representatives of Gazprom, their company is currently renewing its fleet, hence their interest in KAMAZ trucks and special vehicles and NEFAZ (Neftekamsk Automobile Plant – a subsidiary to KAMAZ) buses. Three new models running on CNG were presented at the event:

  • The MST-6963-10 rear dump garbage truck is based on KAMAZ-65115-1841-30 chassis equipped with the KAMAZ-820.60-260 260 hp engine and complies with Euro-4. It is designed for mechanical and manual collection of solid domestic wastes and their transportation to places of disposal. The car is equipped with the Farid T1M-1919 superstructure produced in Italy that requires minimal technical support and service, and has an extremely low noise level during operation.
  • CNG-powered NEFAZ Class 1 city bus

    The NEFAZ-5299-30-31 city low-entry first-class bus can accommodate 84 people. The vehicle has got a fuel system consisting of 8 cylinders, with a total capacity of 984 liters, and can hold 197 cubic meters of CNG. Cost-effectiveness, ease of use, eco-friendliness and a relatively low price distinguish this model.

  • The ED-405AG combined road vehicle on KAMAZ-65115-30 chassis is an all-weather multi-purpose complex that enables you to remove snow in winter, and remove compacted snow and ice crust from roads, and spray anti-icing materials and reagents. In summer, the machine can be used for garbage collection, cleaning of roads and traffic signs, as well as transportation of cargoes, leveling of sand and crushed stones.

KAMAZ says environmental effects from the operation of vehicles running on methane will be tangible when the share of CNG vehicles reaches 6% of the total number of cars in the fleet.

In February this year, KAMAZ leased eight combined street cleaning dump trucks D-405A based on the KAMAZ-65115-30 chassis running on natural gas to the municipality of Naberezhnye Chelny. The vehicles will be used for clearing street snow in winter-spring and, deplete of snow gear, as 15-tonne dump trucks in summer.

This article compiled using information from KAMAZ press releases.

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