Johannesburg Converts 30 Buses to Natural Gas

| South Africa, Johannesburg and Italy, Serralunga di Crea

South Africa Johannesburg MetrobusItaly’s Ecomotive Solutions, a Holdim Group company and engine calibration specialist, has supported the conversion of 30 buses from the Johannesburg (South Africa) Metrobus fleet into Dual Fuel CNG (compressed natural gas) through its South African partner, Vehicle Gas Solutions. The recent conversion to natural gas is a part of a “Going Green” approach aimed at promoting and incentivizing the use of methane by the urban public transport system in Johannesburg.

This transformation of the urban bus fleet to natural gas was officially presented by the metropolitan authority of Johannesburg on 24 July at the Milpark Metrobus Depot. It is part of a wider project that aims to reduce emissions of city public transport in the near future. This project calls for both the conversion of buses into dual-fuel and the purchase of new vehicles with a lower environmental impact.

Vehicle Gas Solutions transformed an initial lot of 30 eight-year old buses into dual-fuel (diesel + methane) for the Metrobus transport company. These buses have since returned to their work on the streets of this South Africa city.

The d-gid (diesel-gas dynamic injection) Dual Fuel platform developed by Ecomotive Solutions is capable of fuelling a diesel engine simultaneously with a mixture of gas (Methane\Biomethane stored in both compressed (CNG) and liquified (LNG) form) and diesel. Application of the d-gid system does not in any way change the nature of the diesel engine, maintaining the initial performance and efficiency; moreover, in the absence of availability of gas, the system automatically returns to operate on 100% diesel.

According to a separate City of Johannesburg press release, new buses, and the rest of the existing Metrobus fleet, will progressively be converted to run on a mixture of CNG/ biogas (70%) and diesel (30%).

(Source: Ecomotive Solutions)

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