Jiujiang City buys 30 China-V LNG Ankai Buses

| China, Jiujiang
Ankai HFF6125GZ-4 bus (non-CNG)

Ankai HFF6125GZ-4 bus (non-CNG)

In China’s south east, Jiujiang City Public Transportation Group has purchased 30 Ankai Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) buses, said to be the first high volumeĀ  purchase of China-V LNG-fueled standard buses for the city. The China-V national emission standard is based on the Euro V standard for heavy duty truck and bus engines. The Ankai LNG city bus can reduce PM 2.5 emissions by 93%, and lower emissions of SO2 and NOx by 80%, compared to an equivalent diesel bus.

The new vehicles are also quieter in operation and more economical with reduced fuel costs.

The bus has been engineered for gas safety, with a gas detection system installed for real-time supervision of leakage-prone areas, such as the filling receptacle, roof line connection and both sides of the engine. Panel instrumentation warns the driver in the event of a leakage being detected.

Ankai has developed a monocoque body to lighten the bus, reducing weight by 8-10% compared to similar vehicles and reducing fuel consumption by 6-10%.

Carrying a 450 litre cylinder, the Ankai model HFF6125GZ-4C has a driving range of 600-700km.

(Source: Ankai)

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